BD Stadia was formed in order to satisfy the demand for a better quality of service from betting providers in football stadiums. We have grown to become the largest in-stadium betting provider in the UK and Europe with over 1000 match day employees. We understand that for supporters, betting is an important part of their match-day experience and our aim is to offer the very best in-stadium betting service. We aim to offer football fans the best in-stadium betting service in the UK by:
  • focussing our customer service on the premise that every bet we take matters.
  • offering supporters a unique option to collect their winnings online with additional bonuses on offer for doing so.
  • offer a wide range of game day specials, promotional giveaways and money-back offers.
  • providing our expertise and support to the club and it’s online gaming partner to maximise the customer experience.
Our match day betting service is currently operational at over 30 football clubs across the Premier League and Football Leagues including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hostpur, Everton, Norwich City, Newcastle United and Sunderland.