Stadium Betting
Realization and execution of in stadia betting operations,
including hardware and software solutions

The premise behind the In Stadia betting opportunity for fans is to make the event they are at more enjoyable. Betting operators are able to gain more customers by converting punters to online customers.

The Services available are:

  • In Stadia betting for event rights holders to allow their customers to have a social bet on match days and make the event more interesting
  • Hardware & Software solutions for betting and sponsorship activation

By operating an in-stadium betting service on your brand's behalf, customers are able to take advantage of our unique, quick and simple online collection service. This process enables customers to have their in-stadium winnings deposited into an online gaming account within a matter of hours of the final whistle of a match.

Benefits for our partner brands include:

  • Huge additional brand presence during match days.
  • Guaranteed large quantities of quality new acquisitions.
  • Designated promotional staff – on hand to target customers directly.
  • Simple, unique and highly effective fan payout options.

BD Stadia operate on-site stadium betting on behalf of our partner brands and manage all:

  • Staff recruitment, training and management.
  • Game day operation including pre-game marketing and post-game payout
  • Odds compilation and coupon production.

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